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PolyGreen Buildings through our new division Infrastruct LLC is proud to announce the expansion of its resources to provide customers with an excellent state of the art product that improves construction of roads, bridge approaches, highways, sidewalks, railways, and retainer walls constructed utilizing the best construction material that is strong enough to handle major heavy duty infrastructure projects.  Our newly offered product is extremely light weight, reduces lateral or bearing loads, has predicable engineered performance, can be installed in various weather conditions, maximizes installation efficiency, various densities available to meet strength requirements, and is a very cost effective solution -- significantly reduces axial loads on weaker sub-soils while concurrently reducing or eliminating lateral loads on abutments and foundations. 


Structural & Earthworks Applications


The use of EPS in earthworks and structural applications provides the benefit of reducing both vertical and lateral pressures on below-grade structures.  Soil creates nearly 40 pcf of lateral pressure.  If a structure is below ground level, this lateral pressure increases by a factor of 10.  The use of EPS completely eliminates this lateral pressure.  The use of EPS for earthworks and structural applications is easy to install, does not require surcharging, pre-loading or staging and is a cost-effective engineering solution.



Traditional earth materials are heavy and can cause settlement, instability or lateral pressures. Other fill materials such as foamed concrete, waste tires, soil, woodchips, wood fiber, etc., have higher densities, are variable in their makeup and are not engineered due to field execution variables. They also have limitations in handling and can be weather sensitive, thus requiring staged construction and/or preloading, surcharging, draining, etc. Foam-Control® EPS has the advantage of maximizing on-site installation efficiency. Material can arrive at the job site prefabricated and ready to place. It is easily inventoried and handled. EPS installation is not delayed by weather.

Types of EPS Commercial Applications


  • Stadium Seating

  • Theaters

  • Floor Elevation

  • Pools & Pool Decks

  • Compressible Inclusion

  • Vibration & Sound Proofing

  • Gas Ventilation

  • Bond Breakers


The light weight of EPS makes it an ideal fill material for a variety of commercial and architectural applications.  EPS is pre-cut and easy to install, saving labor and installation time.  Its compressive strength provides the stability needed for concrete and landscape applications such as stadium seating, theaters, floor elevation changes and green roofs.  EPS blocks are labelled and include layout drawings to make installation efficient.


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