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PolyGreen Buildings LLC 


PolyGreen Buildings was founded by Tee Davis as an extension from her nearly 20-year career in the US Federal Government and her 40 years of real estate brokerage. Tee was an energy pioneer starting off at the Department of  Commerce's merged Office of Energy Programs with the Federal Energy Administration. The FEA became the US Department of Energy where Tee was one of a 6-member politically controversial Emergency Building Temperature Restrictions (EBTR) Task Force. This program was affectionately called the "Energy Police."  


In 2004 Tee and a partner became actively involved in the Washington DC area spreading the word about building construction using insulating  concrete forms. Today, Tee is dedicated to the ICF niche industry and has expanded into the latest construction systems. Over the years, Tee has  been utilizing her marketing experience as a past real estate broker since the mid-1970s and her energy conservation and environmental awareness and knowledge.  


PolyGreen's product expansions: See PolyGreen Structures

  • Extremely sustainable anti-bomb blast window and door products that resist hurricane and tornado damage 


  • Hurricane Anchors that are the most efficient and effective residential roof truss tie downs available, saving your roof and your time and money


  • LED lighting system that both repels and attracts certain insects thus protecting plants from insect damage and encouraging better growth. EPA Facility Certification obtained in 2017 as an insect repellent device 

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